In addition to owning restaurants, Food Gallery Gulf provides various restaurant-related services, including the consulting and development of specially tailored concepts for other restaurant owners.

These cover the consulting and development of special tailored concepts for other restaurant owners. Our work scope is comprehensive and covers almost everything from choice of location to branding and organizing the opening. We also boast significant franchising know-how.




Areas Of Expertise


Concept Development

Feasibility Studies

Strategic Consulting

Asset Management

Operation Assistance

Quality Control



Concept Development


Research & Feasibility Studies


Strategic Consulting

  • Providing creative yet viable ideas

  • Aligning these ideas with trends and the client’s specific needs

  • Implementing the agreed upon concept

  • Research and analysis of the market, the competition and overall marketing

  • Assessing the project’s feasibility and planning the budget

  • Executing a thorough investigation of all relevant factors

  • Recognizing prospects and thus taking the most appropriate course of action

  • Turn-key projects

  • Initiating and monitoring expansion plans

  • Providing solutions for IT, financing and branding



Asset Management


Operation Assistance


Quality Control

  • Representation and relationship management

  • Ensuring operations run smoothly

  • Administration and review of asset and financial aspects

  • Full range of management services via our back office operation, which includes HR management, accounting and cost control, inventory, diverse administrative operation, etc.

  • Operation audit, start-up and execution including recruitment and staff training

  • Monitoring and assessing quality via mystery guests and formal programs

  • Introducing customized products to prompt quality and market edge


Corporate Finance Assistance


Marketing & Public Relations


Hospitality and Food Safety

  • Assistance in budgeting, funding, acquisition and investment

  • Establishing an effective model coupled with proper planning

  • Creating solid communication, marketing strategies and plans

  • Sales and marketing audit, budget allocation and further help

  • Assessing moves and ideas to increase revenue

  • Extensive Public Relations capabilities

  • Large database of clients

  • Encompassing various areas such as technical, managerial, theoretical and developmental

  • Practical advice on delivering ‘service with a smile’

  • Offering general seminars and tailor-made courses

  • Training and assessment services: safety management systems assessment, certification and training services. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and management system principles As well as International standards conformity such as ISO 22000:2005, Codex alimentarius, SQF (safe quality food), BRC (British retail consortium, IFS (International food standards), Global gap, USDA(United States Department of Agriculture), FDA (Food and drugs administration)

  • Verification processes: Audit, spot check and mystery shopper


Catering & Mobile Kitchen


Design & Branding


Operational Development

  • Distinctive professional catering services

  • Unique and innovative mobile kitchen facilities with live cooking on-site


Architectural Design

  • Data collection and survey

  • Conceptual design

  • Final design and working drawings

  • Design

  • Mechanical

  • Plumbing and special systems

  • HVAC

  • Electrical

  • Tender documents

  • Construction supervision

  • Design manual for franchising documents

  • Kitchen design

Identity development

  • Developing the Branding Strategy and positioning

  • Identity development: Logo, typography, color coding

  • Brand implementation: Stationery, Menu, Napkins, packaging items, vehicles, signage and clothing

  • Brand Manual

  • Establishing optimal systems for the operations of the various functions including process flows, principles, policies, and standard procedures

  • Developing controls mechanism (including Clear accountabilities and authority limits matrix) and key
    performance indicators [KPIs]

  • Designing organization chart, titles, and reporting lines with clear distribution of roles & responsibilities among managers and staff

  • Establishing modern human resources systems that are optimally aligned with and most adapted to the company’s mission, including(Policies and procedures for recruiting, appraisal, career development, remuneration, etc.)

  • Brand Manual