Concept Creation & Development, Ongoing Management

2000 Beirut, Sodeco
First Coffee & Bagels Chain in the Middle East, and one of those charming coffee houses and restaurants which contributed to making an entire sector of Beirut attractive again.

2003 Beirut, Trabaud Street
This Italian trattoria created a turning point on the Italian food scene, The Food Gallery initiated the rebirth of a renowned address, on Trabaud Street.

2004 Beirut, Tabaris
This 35 year old landmark is probably the most ancient address on Beirut’s dining scene, encouraged by the previous successes. Food Gallery Gulf gave this admirable concept a new life, and made it one of the most successful restaurants in our city.

2006 BCD, Allenby Street
International brand restaurant’s concept development and implementation included: Supply Chain, Recruitment, Technical and Dining Room Design, PR & Marketing.

Italian café/restaurant in Solidere
Saifi Village
2006 Beirut, Saifi Village
Featured several times in magazines for its outstanding cuisine, its impeccable service and its remarkable décor. it is probably the most beautiful restaurant in our city. Since its creation in 2006, the managing partners brought together their distinct backgrounds to develop it. The result was “exceptional”. This venture has enjoyed growing business and was rated amongst the Fastest growing Top 20 Businesses in Lebanon for 2010.

Creation of a high-end Italian restaurant
2008 Beirut, Ashrafieh
Unique, authentic Italian cuisine, this restaurant features exclusive, never before seen dishes that keep every one of our guests amazed and delighted.



Consultancy on Development & Management

In the field of catering, Food Gallery Gulf contributed to the restructuring and organization of a renowned catering company and its operations, as well as establishing its PR and marketing strategies.

Food Gallery Gulf also consulted on the creation of restaurants for a well-known International hotel chain in 2007 in Jeddah, KSA. Our involvement in this international hotel chain was in restaurant design, HR recruitment, marketing, menu creation and implementation. Follow-up visits and auditing are provided whenever necessary.

As for stand alone restaurants, the Food Gallery Gulf ’s team is currently involved in ongoing general restructuring and management consultancy of a 30 year establishment in Riyadh, KSA, including production mapping, administrative and service procedure creation and implementation for: supply chain, HR policies, menu standardization, accounting, catering, etc... The goal of this mission is to open the first franchise of the Riyadh branch in Jeddah, KSA. Opening date estimated around November 2009.

Food Gallery Gulf also consulted on the reopening of a hotel in Beirut, involving the creation of new structures, a new concept and image, and general operations, for the entire establishment as well as its restaurants.


From 2009 till 2012, Food Gallery Gulf ’s management team created and established the largest hospitality division in Down Town Beirut, Lebanon. The $35M project had a total staff of 600 employees including management personnel. It collaborated with Michelin star chefs, award winning architects and designers as well as internationally renowned food and beverage operators.


Tasks included Business Development and Operational management for 6 restaurants and a large catering company with a capacity of 4,000 meals a day.



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